COVID-19 Fear to Fitness:

Dr. Medway’s Survival Guide for Optimal Fitness E-Book

The COVID-19 coronavirus reality is spreading through our Nation and our world like a wildfire whether we like it or not.  Collectively, if our Nation is not fit, we are all at risk. If the COVID-19 virus comes “knocking at your door”, your level of fitness may very well make the difference as to whether you survive or not.  Today is the day that you must seek your optimal level of fitness, not tomorrow.  The purpose of this book is to help you take an important step toward optimal fitness. 


Throughout history many great advances have sprung from great tragedies.  This book will show you how to turn the COVID-19 crisis into something personally positive by helping you channel the anxiety you feel to protect yourself, your family and your friends as you reach our optimal fitness.  This book will help you channel the COVID-19 stress you are feeling by connecting your emotions to a personalized survival eating plan that will get you to an optimal weight and help keep you from getting sick.  This book will guide you to make a delicious, nutritious, long shelf life eating plan.  The goal of this book is to keep you alive and to help you come out of this crisis at your optimal level of fitness. This crisis will not last forever. The COVID-19 crisis is a good opportunity to take stock of your life, “batten down your fitness hatches” and improve your relationships with family, friends, and others around you. Having the right eating plan will help keep you from getting COVID-19. If you unfortunately do get this virus, this book can help you survive by getting you to your optimal weight and fitness level to fight off this scourge that is killing so many people around the world.


This book highlights our emotional connection to our food.  It presents a way of optimizing this connection to help us face this crisis that needs to be faced head on by all of us so we don’t pay the ultimate price.  This book provides a method to help channel our emotional connection to food to achieve our optimal weight through the creation of an easy eating program that taps into your personal disaster emotions related to food.


One person at a time, one meal at a time, this book will help overcome food related disasters both before and after they happen to strengthen you, our Country and our world. Read this book to take a significant step toward achieving the Motivation, Education and Skills you need to make a healthier emotional connection with the food you eat.  Your mood picks your food.  By reading this book you should be better able to take back control of your food mood.  It will help you channel your emotional eating and anxiety you feel about the COVID-19 to get to your optimal fitness.  The goal of this book is to help you not only survive but improve your life so that when you look back at this time in our history you will say “I not only survived COVID-19, because of it, I transformed myself to reach my optimal level of fitne